Patriots of members of EDB chapter DAR
We have 121 patriots represented from 12 different states.  Thirty two provided patriotic service, 6 provided civil service.  We have a chaplain, a quartermaster, 1 signer of the declaration, 2 fifers,  2 non-commissioned officers, 1 minuteman, 5 ensigns, 3 soldiers,  1 adjutant general, 3 colonels, 1 major, 9 captains, 9 lieutenants, 11 sergeants, 5 corporals and 42 privates!    

*Link to virtual cemetery on Find a Grave website:

*Moses Ayers, Sr. Patriotic Service VA  
Flamen Ball Private NY
James Ballard Corporal VA
*Gershom Banks, Jr  Private  CT
*Nathan Banks
Sergeant CT  
*John Barrett Ensign (Minuteman) MA
*George Batterson, Jr. Private CT
*Joseph Beaman Private MA/NH
Richard Berrien Patriotic Service NY
Sebastian Bowman Major NY
*Seth Bradley Ensign CT
Phineas Brigham Private MA
*George Brinkerhoff Captain NY
*Artemas Brookins Private MA
Joseph Brooks Soldier NH 
*Joseph Bulkley Sergeant CT
Leonard Bumgardner Private VA
*Joseph Bush Lieutenant MA
*John Caughey Private PA
*Samuel Cecil Patriotic Service VA
Ephraim Chamberlain Sergeant MA
Ephraim Chamberlain, Sr. Patriotic Service MA
*Christopher Clark, Sr. Patriotic Service VA
*Tracy Cleveland Private CT
Joel Coleman Private NY
*John Cullen Sergeant, Patriotic Service VA
John Lumpkin Crute  Lieutenant, Patriotic Service  VA
*Preserved Dakin Private NY
*Asa Danforth Captain MA
John Daugherty Private PA
David Diefendorfer Ensign PA
Jacob Dolson Private NY
*Thomas Dorsey Colonel, Patriotic Service MD
Hezekiah Douglas Ensign CT
*Daniel Dow Patriotic Service NH 
*Edward Duncombe Private CT
*Benjamin Dunning Patriotic Service CT
Thomas Duval Private, Patriotic Service NJ
*Jabez Ellis Captain MA
*Gurdon Ely Private CT 

*William Emerson Chaplain MA
Timothy Emerson Patriotic Service NH 
Caleb Etheridge, Sr. Patriotic Service SC
*Thomas Fell Private PA
*Timothy Field Captain CT
*John Flanary Soldier VA
John Flanders, Jr. Private NH 
*Alexander Foster Private PA
Elisa Freer Private NY
*Lot Fuller Private MA
*Jacob Gano Captain, Patriotic Service PA
John Gilbert Sergeant CT
Stephen Gregory Lieutenant CT
*William A. Halbert  Lieutenant  VA/SC
*John Hart  Signer of the Declaration, Delegate to Continental Congress,  NJ 
*William Henshaw  Adjutant General, Selectman   MA
*Frederick William Herman (Friedrich William Heerman)  Corporal   MA 
*Oliver Holmes  Civil Service, Patriotic Service, Lieutenant  NH
*Stephen Hosmer Corporal MA
Job Howland Sergeant MA
*Ambrose Hudgins Sergeant SC
*Elijah Hungerford Private CT
*Pendleton Isbell Private VA
*Joel Ives, Jr.  Private CT
*Asa Jacobs Private CT/RI
Benjamin Jaquith Soldier, Civil Service, Patriotic Service NH/MA
John Jennings Private SC
*Robert Johnson Captain VA
Lemuel Judson Sergeant CT
John Jupin Patriotic Service MD
*Jeremiah Keeler Sergeant CT
*Phineas Knight, Jr   Private CT
*George Lang Private PA
*John Lay Civil Service, Patriotic Service CT
*Zachariah Lierly Private NC
*Nicholas Long Colonel, Patriotic Service NC
*Thomas Lowery Private NC
*Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley (aka Molly Pitcher) Patriotic Service PA
Garrett Marselis Private NY
*Edmund Martin Private, Patriotic Service NJ
Isaac Edward Matthews Civil Service SC
*James McCreary Patriotic Service NC
*Philip Nelson Private MA
*David Nichols Private CT
John Bentley Nixon Patriotic Service SC
John Peach MATR MA
Samuel Peck Captain CT
*William Perry Patriotic Service NC
*Samuel Porter, Jr. Non-Commissioned CT
Jedediah Raymond Private CT
*Joshua Reed, Sr. Private, Patriotic Service MA
*Grindall Reynolds, Jr. Corporal VT
*Ebenezer Roberts Non-Commissioned, Fifer CT
Stephen Russell Private MA
*Elisha Scovell Lieutenant CT
*Noah Seymour Private CT
William Sherman Private NY
Joseph Sherwood Lieutenant CT
*Abner Slade Sergeant CT
James Spooner Corporal MA
John Stevenson Sergeant, Patriotic Service VA
*John Stewart Lieutenant MA
*Garret Storm Patriotic Service NY
*John Stovall, Sr. Patriotic Service NC
*Jonathan Sturges Civil Service, Patriotic Service CT
Hugo Terwilliger Private NY
*James Tompkins Fifer NY
*Elisha Tuttle Patriotic Service CT
Tobias Van Zandt Captain NY
David Wakeley Ensign CT
*Michael Watson Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service SC
John Calvin Wells Private NY
Isaiah Wool Captain NY
*Peter Wyckoff Quartermaster Horse Troop NY 
William Halbert Lieutenant VA

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